I’m Dr. Dana Gibbs, a private practice Otolaryngologist in Texas

Before the pandemic, for many years I was honored to be involved with the Pan Am Allergy Society (PAAS), first as a student, then on the board, then helping teach Allergen testing and Immunotherapy to all comers. I am a Past President, Board Member, and faculty of the PAAS training course. The format of exclusively in-person training courses, disappointingly, did not survive, as COVID and the current economic climate in healthcare turned all that upside down.

Since then, I have missed the camaraderie and continual learning environment of PAAS, and missed teaching.

I have been an Otolaryngic Allergist now for over 20 years, and direct a busy allergy department in my group practice. We now treat hundreds of patients a year, but I started in a solo office testing just one allergy patient at a time. On my own, I could never have made that happen.

My ultimate goal is to preserve and spread the knowledge I have gained from my years of association with PAAS, to patients, and to physicians.


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Allergy Access for Physicians

A virtual training course and community for independent private physicians looking to add or expand this valuable service line safely and profitably.

 I am looking to support docs: 

 1. Who are already treating allergies in their offices, looking for additional training for themselves or staff, or a venue to collaborate with mentors and colleagues in regards to allergy. 

2. Who wanted to add Allergy but never got started, maybe have been looking for a streamlined but comprehensive guide to make that happen. 

3. Who already have an allergy service company in their offices but are disappointed with the service or results and want to know more about DIY

I have become increasingly aware of the increased pressure doctors are experiencing from corporate Allergy Service Companies to come in and profit from their patient base. Without knowledge, physicians desiring to add this desirable service are at the mercy of inconsistent business practices and treatment regimens. But Allergy is a profitable and valuable service line, both to patients and the doctors who serve them. It also requires little effort from the physician beyond the initial setup.

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Allergy Access for Patients

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