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Meet Dr. Dana Gibbs

I'm Dana Gibbs, MD, founder of Allergy Access MD

After providing allergy care to patients in my practice for over 20 years I've developed a successful and repeatable system for allergy care.

This system has been synthesized into my physician training program Allergy Access for Physicians. I am so excited to share this comprehensive Allergy course with you, particularly if you have had or considered having an allergy service company set up in your office. 

You can do better, much better. 

 I want to show you just how easy it can be when you have a knowledgeable mentor backing you up, and all the resources you need.

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Benefits of Allergy Care

  • At least 20% of your patients are already suffering from allergy
  • Sharpen your differential diagnosis and management skills
  • Give patients lasting relief of troublesome symptoms with ongoing immunotherapy treatment
  • The initial investment will pay itself back 10x with even one patient tested per week
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"Dr. Gibbs is very knowledgeable and her course was very informative!! I learnt a lot from her and am planning to take the information back to my practice and implement it."

Sonali P. Majmudar, MD

"Since I started taking the allergy shots, I haven't had bronchitis, sinusitis, or severe bouts of asthma requiring breathing treatments. I have been able to visit and stay around animals several days at a time without getting sick. As a matter of fact, I haven't been sick at all and haven't taken any medicines to treat these problems. I am so thankful to Dr. Gibbs for making me be ME again."

Gwen Dominguez

"Dr. Gibbs, I want to thank you for prescribing allergy drop therapy. The past two years were without the inevitable allergy-induced sinusitis and bronchitis that I endured for 30 years. It's been wonderful."

David Mills

”Dr. Gibbs has the ability to put you at ease immediately. She's kind and thorough and very knowledgeable in her specialty. I highly recommend Dr. Gibbs. The staff at Central Park are the best.”

Carolyn T.

"Dr. Gibbs was very good and very patience with me. I will always go back to her"

Doris Grant

"New patient, was accepted same day. Short 5 minute wait time. RN Holly Heid was very professional along with rest of staff. Diagnosed and treated in a total of 10 minutes. The entire visit lasted only 20 minutes. Felt 100% better."

Danny Carrillo

"Excellent attention and explanations of condition. Treats the whole patient. Genuine concern for patient wellness. Very encouraging toward better health. The Best!"


"Excellence experience. Was seen quickly and Dr. Gibbs really knew what she was doing. I had a suspect staph infection and she asked if I had been in a hospital or nursing home. My visit was thorough and professional."


"If there is a more caring highly qualified ethical Doctor in this field I would like their name to be placed under her name. She is professional, straight forward and skilled at the top levels of her practice. I have never seen the levels of courtesy and skill her whole team possesses. I would highly recommend them!"

Steve Carter

"Dr. Gibbs is a wonderful doctor. She spent a lot of time with me making sure I understood everything. She cured my problem right away. Making an appointment was a breeze and I was happy that I could fill out the paper on line so I didn't have to do it in the office. After my first visit, there was a problem with my Medicare claim. The billing office was very helpful in getting the problem corrected. I would definitely go back to this doctor if needed."

Sam R.

"Dr. Gibbs is excellent!!! She takes her time and really listens to you. Shen then asks you questions about your condition which shows she really listening. She advised me to what her course of treatment was and what she believed to be the outcome. She then referred me to an excellent neurologist after ruling out any problem with ears, nose, or throat that I may have had. She has really helped me to get to the bottom of my health condition and get well. Their staff is awesome!!!"

Deborah Ybarra

"Dr. Gibbs is a great doctor! Her service is great! She did my daughters surgery and has always done a good job. Michell Yancey is FANTASTIC in the allergy department! We have been getting shots here for about 7 years! Getting the shots has made a tremendous difference in out lives! We can breathe!! Holly is a great physicians assistant. Always ready and willing to help!"

Tiffany H.

"In September 2021, I had terrible allergies. Basically, I had an upper respiratory infection due to allergies for the entire month of September,2021."

At that point, I went to Central Park ENT and saw Dr. Dana Gibbs. I received an allergy test and have been taking allergy shots for 10 months. The results have been great. I had no allergy symptoms this past September, and I am so glad that I went to Dr. Gibbs. Further, I have had no adverse reactions to the allergy shots. Dr. Gibbs takes her time with me during out appointments and answers all of my questions. I highly recommend her

Craig B.

"Professional and a thorough doctor who cares and take her time to explain. Very kind and honest doctor, I will highly recommend her."

BJ Hammad

"My first visit with Dr. Gibbs and her associate, Holly, and it was great. Both made sure I was at ease with the process. Great job by both!"

John Y.

"Dr. Gibbs has been my ENT for approximately 7 years. She has been my doctor for my thyroid issues. There is no one who will work harder to take time and make sure my numbers are correct. It has taken a while but she never gave up or lost her determination to help me. She takes time with her patients and explains everything so that I can understand and be a better advocate for myself. She really cares for her patients. Holly, her P.A and Julie, her nurse are awesome and always return my calls in a timely manner. I am very grateful to have her as my doctor."

Rose H.

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