10 Things Patients Can Do to Help Improve Their Allergy Symptoms - that they probably haven't thought about

allergy education allergy management allergy training for doctors patient allergy prevention patient allergy symptoms Mar 14, 2023
  1.  Drink clean water/Water - A reverse osmosis filter is inexpensive and produces clean, great tasting water.  Use a metal or glass container. No plastic containers.
  2.  Cut down or eliminate calorie and sweetened beverages- soda, “juice” or dairy drinks. Reduce or eliminate caffeine.

  3.  Eat clean and fresh. Avoid preservatives and artificial color or flavoring. Avoid refined sugar and processed/packaged food.

  4. When possible choose organic produce, particularly in the case of leafy veg or fruits and veg where the skin is eaten; make an effort to get eggs and meat animals raised on grass rather than corn-fed if you don’t go completely plant-based.
  5.  Eat a variety of different foods rather than the same meal ingredients over and over. Different colors and variety of fruit/vegetables which contain phyto chemicals that help your body function better. Try new nuts, veg, fruit, and wild-caught fish. Rotate these foods so you are not eating any food ingredient 2 days in a row.
  6.  Avoid “vegetable” oil ( soybean, canola, corn oil). These are highly processed and promote inflammation in the body. Use things like Avocado oil, coconut or or peanut oil for frying ( that don’t break down in high heat conditions) and olive, walnut, flaxseed, sesame oils only for low-heat cooking. 
  7. Try to avoid buying, wrapping, or storing food in plastic, and definitely don’t reheat food in plastic, plastic contains PCB’s and other toxic chemicals that mimic hormones in your body and cause dysregulation of your immune system among other things.
  8. Essential supplements most Americans should be using: D3, EPA/DHA, or fish oil of good quality, Multivitamin, and possibly probiotics if you don’t eat Kefir, kombucha, or other fermented foods. 
  9.  Choose clear and unscented laundry detergent and household cleaners. Consider not using fabric softener. Avoid using perfumes. Clean with low-toxicity vinegar and avoid aerosol organic chemicals and solvents like Lysol. These are not allergens, they are toxins and affect everyone.
  10. Best for last  - because sleep is the most important thing of all. The immune system is decreased in function by 70% after just 1 night of only 4 hours of sleep, 7 hours per night is a minimum and ought to average 8, kids and teens need even more. 


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