The series is expected to last 8-10 weeks, and each session will last 1- 1.5 hours, depending on how much discussion and participant interaction we get. When presented in person this is a full 2-day course.


Live sessions began last January 22, 2023.

10th session will be on March 26,2023.

We will meet weekly, LIVE on

Sundays at 7 Eastern/6 pm Central time.

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This is Dr. Gibbs:

Because there is so much to absorb, I will be hosting the REPLAYS on my Allergy Access MD platform. In order to defray costs, this access will be available through the start of the program for an administrative charge of $249.00.

There you will have ongoing access to the video presentations through at least December 2023, or as long as I have the platform running. There I will also host ongoing access to the slides and other useful documents such as patient handouts.

After the start of the sessions, access will still be available but for an increased price, at least through the end of the course. 

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Our Expert


A former professor and Integrative Medicine Direct care practitioner in Louisville, KY, Dr McDaniel has presented this series at many academic meetings including The American Academy of Environmental Medicine.

My first encounter with Dr. McDaniel was at a meeting of the Pan Am Allergy Society, where he explained (Finally!) why some patients with normal TSH actually have abnormal thyroid function, and why Synthroid doesn’t improve symptoms for many patients. Also how to objectively analyze and fix these patients (I am one of them).

Since that time I have personally (and I am ENT don’t forget) used this method to provide phenomenal value for hundreds of my patients, who may or may not have realized their problems were thyroid related. And that is just the thyroid part of the presentation. Though requiring more time and attention, these methods are evidence based and proven, if not well known.

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  • Introduction to New Clinical Endocrinology and The Laboratory
  • Thyroid Part 1: Physiology and Dysfunction, Diagnosis and Treatment - Normal Function and Testing
  • Thyroid Part 2: Dysfunction, Pathology, Diagnosis and Treatment Tricky Cases
  • Thyroid Part 3: Advanced Thyroid issues - Diagnosis and Treatment Tricky Cases
  • The Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis: Regulation and Disruption
  • The Adrenal Gland: Stress and Chronic Fatigue
  • Hypogonadism, Andropause, and HRT for Men
  • The Ovaries: PMS, Menstrual Problems and HRT for Menopause
  • Insulin Resistance: The Metabolic Syndrome and Type II Diabetes
  • Bones and Hormones: Evaluating the osteoporotic Patient for PTH
  • Vitamin D and Related Problems
  • Case Presentations, Putting It All Together
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