6 Steps to Add Allergy to Your Private Practice 

Learn how easy it can be to add an allergy service line to your office 

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A physician-controlled allergy program is the most scalable way to add to your bottom line without the increased physician time commitment.


Choosing the right patients is the main key to a successful allergy program. A mistake I see many allergists making is choosing not to treat the "not very allergic" based on test results, rather than allergy history. These patients are some of my most loyal and grateful patients and the biggest source of otherwise healthy referrals to my practice. Learning the right way to take a history and choose the best patients to test is just one of the topics covered in my new allergy course for private practice physicians.



Other areas of focus include:

Picking the Right Testing Method for Your Patient

- Individualizing the Treatment

- Patient Education 

- Safely Escalating, Maintaining, and Finishing Treatment

Other Areas of Focus include:

Picking the Right Testing Method for Your Patient
Individualizing the Treatment
Safely Escalating, Maintaining, and Finishing Treatment
Patient Education


treating Allergy successfully needs more than Academic knowledge.

The discussion will also cover the economics of allergy practice. What will it cost? What is the expected ROI in a small practice or a large one? How can I fit that into an already busy practice? How will my support staff learn what to do? Who will support us?

Below are just a few of the concerns we will address during the session:

If you are like most busy physicians and you have all of these concerns and more;  come learn how Allergy Access for Physicians can make setting up allergy in your office painless and convenient.


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REMEMBER, you already have these patients in your office. Come learn how to offer them the best definitive treatment for their troubles.

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Here are a few of our planned Featured Manufacturer Presentations:

Serolab is a highly regarded specialty blood testing laboratory that performs RAST testing for the diagnosis of Allergy. Our company was among the first laboratories of this type established in the late 1970s.

Xtract Solutions is an industry-leading software program that organizes patient care from diagnosis, immunotherapy vial creation, and injections, through to successful completion of treatment. 

Edge Pharmaceuticals is a distributor of a variety of critical products needed to build a compliant immunotherapy program, including testing supplies, extracts for diagnosis, compounding supplies.