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I have been an Otolaryngic Allergist now for over 20 years, and am now the founder of AllergyAccessMD, where I teach independent physicians how to implement a successful and profitable allergy service line in their existing practice.

If you’re like most otolaryngologists and primary care docs, you have a troublesome subset of patients who come in repeatedly for sinus pain, headaches, earaches, sore throat. They clog the waiting room, demand antibiotics, and steroids that you know they don’t actually need. What they need is an allergy workup and treatment.

When I first started in practice, I tried to refer them out, only to find them back in my office because the specialist was too busy, too expensive, or didn’t solve their problem.

So… I started in my solo office testing just one allergy patient at a time, using the staff and space I already had. At first, I struggled to find mentors and resources to help me get started. I read books, took academic courses, and got help where I could. And those early successes got me hooked! I now treat hundreds of immunotherapy patients per year in our group practice.

Maybe you have thought of trying a DIY allergy program in your office, but said to yourself: It’ll be too risky, too expensive, or just too much work.

And you might be right if you were trying to do that on your own.

Or maybe you have had an Allergy Service Company want to come in and do it for you. If you have done some digging, you may have figured out these companies don’t actually have you or your patients’ best interest top of mind.

But now you have a better option. Training and support from an experienced faculty who will provide far more than academic knowledge. There are SIX STEPS to any good allergy program, and I will share them with you in the linked video:

My signature program, Allergy Access for Physicians

Will support you every step of the way

To give you everything you need to have a program up and running, after 6 weekly sessions

With the process, systems, and staff training needed.

With access to expert mentors, financial information, and manufacturers representatives.

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The Allergy Access for Physicians Live Virtual Course is NOW Open for Applications.

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